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Superannuation is far too often the neglected piece of our wealth accumulation puzzle until we reach the pre-retirement and retirement phase of our lives. It comes as no surprise to us at CWM that this is the case. With the constant changes to the rules and super legislation, it is no wonder super is often put in the too hard basket until later in life.

Our aim at CWM is to educate you as to the powerful wealth accumulation and investment tool that superannuation can be regardless of what stage you are currently at in life. Granted, that the involvement of your superannuation will vary during the different phases of your financial puzzle, with a higher emphasis later in life when the tax effective benefits can really be used to your advantage.

Our strategic advice aims to maximise the use and potential long term benefits of your accumulated superannuation benefit. Making sure you have a sound superannuation strategy working for you in the background will form the foundation of your wealth accumulation phase.

  • Super Fund Selection
  • Multiple Super Fund Consolidation
  • Investment Portfolio Construction
  • Asset Allocation
  • Gearing your Super
  • Contribution Strategies
  • Retirement Income Streams
  • Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs)

The effective use and management of your superannuation investments can have a profound effect on your retirement benefit in the future (albeit a long way off for some). The earlier you adopt a sound strategy for your super, the greater the benefit will be in the long term.
Business Superannuation

CWM can also assist business owners with managing their obligation to offer staff a complying default super fund option.

CWM can relieve the hassle & burden of choosing and then dealing with corporate super funds. Choosing the right corporate super fund can add significant value to your staff. Example of the benefits the right corporate super fund can offer are:

  • Automatic acceptance levels for insurance cover (No personal statements or medicals required and pre-existing conditions will be covered).
  • Clearing house facilities for regular super contributions (reduces burden on payroll).
  • Low ongoing cost to members with no loss of functionality or benefits.
  • You are able to better cater for your staff's needs.