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Risk Insurance

Risk Insurance

Wealth creation is very important as the level of success we achieve with our wealth creation strategies dictates to a large extent our future lifestyle options.

It is safe to say that wealth creation takes up the majority of our focus. We at CWM believe that to only focus on the upside and to totally dismiss the downside is a very risky exercise.

It is CWM's firm belief that an equally well structured risk management strategy needs to be implemented alongside your wealth accumulation strategy. This is because it is your capacity, or your family's capacity, to earn an income that largely dictates your ability to create wealth.

Wealth protection is an area of our financial puzzle that Australians grossly overlook and neglect, to our own detriment.

A comprehensive well structured risk management program will potentially have an element of each of the following insurance covers:

  • Life/Death Cover
  • Total and Permanent Disability Cover
  • Income Protection Cover
  • Trauma Cover
  • Business Expense Cover

What your risk management program looks like will directly be dependent on your current circumstances. Key elements that may determine your levels of cover will be your income, debt levels, age, the inclusion of children, their ages and your health.

During the advice process we will identify your needs and construct an appropriate risk management program to suit you that will provide you with maximum flexibility and minimal financial strain on you and your family in the event of illness and or injury.

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