Creative Wealth Management

About Us

Who is Creative Wealth Management?

Creative Wealth Management (CWM) is a boutique financial services business that focuses on providing quality strategic financial solutions to our clients.

We cater for all types of clients, from those who are looking for guidance on how and where to start their wealth accumulation path right the way through to those who are considering retirement or have already retired.

"If you have questions about parts of your financial puzzle, and you will, you need the right answers. CWM is here to find the answer for you.
So go ahead and ask us your questions."

Our aim is to help our clients maximise the prospects of achieving their financial and therefore lifestyle goals both along the way as well as during their retirement years. We pride ourselves on providing quality advice that is moulded to the individual client's needs, circumstances and time frame. Client satisfaction, comfort and peace of mind are key considerations throughout everything CWM does.

We pride ourselves on being a genuine Fee for Service business that has an extremely competitive pricing structure - value for money and long term mutually rewarding relationships is what we aim to achieve. We believe so strongly about this that we offer a value guarantee (see below).

Creative Wealth Management is here to provide you with guidance and advice on how the pieces of your Financial Puzzle come together. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we may be able to assist you. All initial contact and consultations are free of charge as they are part of the introductory process.

"Every puzzle starts with the first piece being put in place and then you build from there. Contact us today we are waiting to help you."

About Creative Wealth Management

Daniel Boote, Managing Director of and Senior Financial Planner for Creative Wealth Management (CWM), has over 20 years industry experience, dealing with strategic financial solutions for a variety of client scenarios.
Daniel brings experience and expertise in the areas of superannuation and retirement planning, across both retail and Self Managed Super Fund client segments, risk insurance, tax effective wealth accumulation and investment strategies, asset protection and business structures along with Wills and Estate Planning.

It is Daniel's personal beliefs around quality service and maximising client outcomes that CWM's business principles are built on. As managing director, Daniel aims to continue to build CWM's reputation in the marketplace as a financial services business that focuses on providing a quality personalised service to its clients that instils confidence and peace of mind at the same time.
CWMs business principles are:

  • Provide our family of clients with high quality strategic advice, that is relevant to their needs and goals and that delivers a real benefit to them.
  • Conduct business in an approachable, professional and personal manner that instils comfort and confidence in our clients.
  • Commitment to strive to maintain leading, cutting edge strategic advice now and into the future.

We strive to achieve this by:

  • A commitment to ongoing client and adviser education.
  • Adopting a 'Client outcome first' service principle
  • A value for money 'Fee For Service' fee structure
  • Open communication with clients - we welcome your feedback as to our performance and how we can improve your experience.

CWM is in the business of forging long term relationships with our clients that spans the different stages of your life, with the aim of helping you put the pieces of your financial jigsaw puzzle together. For this partnership to work, both parties need to openly communicate on an interactive basis whilst having a mutual respect for each other that underlines the relationship.
CWM can and will provide you with the tools, experience and knowledge to guide you to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals. We do not guarantee investment outcomes or that markets will never go down because they will, which is the nature of the market and the risk v reward relationship of investing. We do believe however, that good advice and a strategic approach to navigating your way through the financial unknown will provide the best outcomes.
We are committed to the ongoing education of our staff and advisers so that we can continue to provide you with quality advice and we are just as committed to educate you, our clients, along the way as well. This way you are well informed and knowledgeable when making important strategic and investment decisions. "Knowledge is Power" and we want to give you the power to drive your financial future where you want it to go.